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The Art.Coordinate Foundation proudly hosted the International Teen Art Awards ceremony, a celebration of creativity and talent, at the prestigious SEE Institute in Dubai Sustainable City. The event, which showcased the remarkable achievements of young artists, was a resounding success, thanks to the people who joined hands in making it a triumph.
Imagine a gathering where creativity soared higher than the tallest skyscraper, and passion burned brighter than the desert sun. That's exactly what the event embodied — a haven where artistic souls from across the globe converged to celebrate their craft and nurture their dreams.
The event commenced with an inspiring address from founder Daria Kalinina, who shared her vision for the awards by adding “The main goal of the project is support. A teenager may have talent, a desire to reveal it, to share what they feel with others, but they may lack the necessary resources. Teen Art Awards wants to become a megaphone for young people and give them professional tools to promote their creativity and entry into the art community”.
With a heartfelt mission to uplift teenage talent, the event wasn't just a ceremony — it was a movement, a testament to the power of art to inspire and uplift. It championed the cause of young artists, recognizing not just their talent, but their courage and dedication to their craft. But this gathering wasn't content with merely applauding talent from the sidelines; it was committed to providing a nurturing environment where creativity could flourish. For instance, the Sharjah Trip organised by the Teen Art Awards organisers and supported by Sharjah Art Foundation and Sharjah Architecture Triennial — a journey that wasn't just about visiting exhibitions, but about immersing oneself in a world of artistic wonder, where every stroke of the brush and every pixel on the canvas told a story.
Expounding on the decision to hold the Teen Art Awards in Dubai, Daria elaborated, The experience of holding the award in Dubai exceeded all our expectations, as Sheikh Mohammed said, soon Dubai will become the new creative capital of the world, and it is truly so, as the best specialists from all over the world come to Dubai to fulfil their dreams and we have been no exception.”

And then there was the awards ceremony — a culmination of months of hard work and dedication. But beyond the glitz and glamour, there was something more profound at play. Workshops and masterclasses led by seasoned art mentors became classrooms without walls, where young minds absorbed knowledge like sponges and emerged with newfound inspiration.
More than 100 works from 38 countries, including pieces by laureates and prize-winners, were presented to the audience in a colourful digital show prepared especially for the award by a group of media artists led by Konstantin Dovzhik and Anna-Valeria, as well as producer Evgeny Potapenko. Yaroslav Markov, the art director of the Art.Coordinate Foundation, was responsible for the visual direction of the project: “The future we are facing today, including in art, is in many ways embedded in teenagers who have something to say to us. Despite their young age, they already know what they want, and we want to give them that voice to be heard.
Generous support from partners such as Diplomatic Solutions and SVX Logistics, along with a partnership with SANAD Village, played a pivotal role in ensuring the event's success. The event also featured special performances by Todes and Jiire Smith, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.
The event's media partners, including Junior Trumpet magazine and headline media partner Magzoid Magazine, helped amplify the event's reach and impact. Varsha Sureka, Celebrity artist shared that “At Magzoid Magazine, we take pride in supporting and nurturing artistic talent. Through their extensive coverage, they brought attention to the remarkable achievements of young artists and the importance of nurturing creativity.

Doors Level 4 restaurant further demonstrated their support by hosting a VIP pre-press reception, setting the perfect tone for the upcoming awards ceremony. Their thoughtful gesture created a buzz of excitement and anticipation, setting a momentum that carried through the entire event. Attendees were treated to a memorable experience that left a lasting impression.
Lara Tabet shared her impressions of the event, describing it as a superbly organised affair. She lauded the exceptional talent of the artists and the warm reception from the audience, labelling it as the crème de la crème of Dubai (Fr. best of the best). Entrepreneur, Marianna Bulbuc Rheuben, shares her profound insights on the event and told “Encouraging youth to engage in artistic activities can have profound and lasting effects on their cognitive, emotional, and social growth. I salute and congratulate the team behind the Teen Awards for such an exceptional initiative”.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards in "Painting", "Drawing", "Digital Art" categories, with all winners expressing gratitude for the platform provided by the Teen Art Awards.
The jury panel for the competition comprises esteemed individuals from diverse artistic backgrounds. Recycle Group, winners of the 2017 Kandinsky Prize, offer words of encouragement to aspiring artists, emphasising the importance of self-improvement and exploration. Joining them are Elizaveta Shirinyan, Azza Al Qubaisi, Maisoon Al Saleh, and Ghada Kunash, each bringing their unique expertise and insights to the table. Together, they ensure a fair and insightful evaluation of the competition's entries.
BMW showcased their support by presenting an artistically designed car and sustainable car, providing a glimpse into the intersection of art and automotive innovation. Esteemed guests, including Khalil Abdul Wahid Al Rahman, Anna Grigorieva and Max Goshko-Dankov, added to the event's prestige and success.
In an exciting announcement, the Teen Art Awards revealed that the next season will take place in Saudi Arabia, further expanding the reach and impact of the awards program. In the end, the event wasn't just about handing out trophies — it was about lighting a spark, igniting a passion, and empowering a generation of artists to paint their own destinies. It was a celebration of creativity in its purest form — a reminder that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible.

1st place
Ruslana Slivina
2nd place
Christina Ontensone
Ekaterina Burykina
3rd place
Keanu Jian Tavana
Alexandra Chernousova
Evelina Vlasova

nomination prize-winners
Mitrah Shahani
Maxim Znamenshchikov
Margarita Malova
Polina Mansurova


1st place
Margarita Astaturyan
Cathrine Nagel
2nd place
Ayan Mehra
Tumar Galymzhankyzy
3rd place
Kamilla Kireeva
Anna Bazhutina


1st place
Maria Zykova
Anna Vladimirova
2nd place
Andrey Maslov
Maria Kim
3rd place
Fatema Ezzy

nomination prize-winners
Studio of Theater and Theater Technologies School of Creative Industries
Varvara Zakharova

nomination prize-winners
Bukho Nomatye
Artem Volkov
Fairy Prokhorova
Anastasia Ivanenko
Marina Artemenko
Polina Ostrovskaya

We thank you for being with us, see you in the third season!
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