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The teen art awards has become an important event in the cultural life of not only St. Petersburg, but also other countries and cities. The exhibition of works by awardees and winners was visited by more than 1,500 thousand people, including delegations from Moscow, Yaroslavl, Tver, Ivanovo, Yekaterinburg, Perm and Schlissenburg.
In addition, the exhibition was marked by the visit of guests from foreign countries, namely: Italy, China, Armenia, Georgia and Arab countries, which reinforces the concept of international relations of cultural exchange chosen by the Art.Coordinate Foundation team.
Such interest and support from colleagues from the field of art, culture and business is a significant indicator for such a young project.
On the opening day of the exhibition, a press conference was held for representatives of the federal and city media, who were among the first to cover the project to a wide audience, including on television.

The evening program of the opening was accompanied by an audiovisual performance produced by Yevgeny Potapenko, who specializes in promoting projects in the field of audiovisual arts. His team is media artist Konstantin Dovzhik and Anna Valeria (Anemik) is an Italian visual artist of Russian origin. Together they managed to create a fantastic atmosphere, which inspired viewers from other cities and countries through live broadcast.

The exposition of the exhibition was a representation of the internal research that every artist goes through on the way to create a work of art.
27 young authors presented their works, which reflected their spirit and the theme of the Prize - the relationship between classical art and contemporary art.

The curators of the project developed art mediation for the exhibition. This format of acquaintance with the exposition involves the active involvement of the viewer in the process of analyzing and interpreting works of art.

Attentive and thoughtful art mediators conducted more than 10 sessions a day instead of the stated three. This certainly speaks of the incredible interest in the project, which gave impetus to the knowledge of art to a variety of audiences.

In addition to the main platform, the teen art awards exhibition was accompanied by a rich parallel program, the venues of which were the Russian Museum, SPGHPA im. A.L. Stieglitz, library and art residence "SHKAF".
The Art.Coordinate Foundation expresses special gratitude to the Russian Museum, which acted as the main educational partner. The Department of the Newest Trends of the Russian Museum and the Virtual Russian Museum service organized two events for the award participants: a tour of the Ludwig Museum in the Marble Palace with Maria Saltanova, Senior Research Fellow of the Department of the Newest Trends, and a visit to the Multimedia Center of the Russian Museum with Veronika Abashina, Head of the Multimedia Sector. exposition work. Maria told the participants of the Award and the guests of the event about how the museum works with contemporary artists, how the latest digital technologies are integrated into the museum space, and what opportunities the Multimedia Center provides for this.

The Stieglitz Academy has supported the Foundation's events since its inception. As part of the teen art awards parallel program, Academy staff members Rostislav Likhanov and Anastasia Yudina delivered authorial lectures on the topics: "Monumental Art from Antiquity to the Present" and "The Role of the Stieglitz Academy in Forming the Stars of Contemporary Art."

The permanent partner of the Award in the educational key is the library and art residence "SHKAF". Varvara Shmeleva - student of the Academy of Arts. I.E. Repin, gave a lecture on the topic: “Modern theater as visual art: paintings, video, light”, showing how and why certain recognizable visual tropes are used in modern theater. Polina Stolbova held a master class on the topic: "Art Director: on the creation of worlds in cinematography", highlighting the difference between an artist in cinema and theater.
A separate important event was the “Day of the Award participants and their friends”, within the framework of which Andrey Maslov, the winner of the Award and twice Guinness Book of Records record holder, collected the work of K. Malevich “Athletes”. The choice of the work became symbolic, as the influence of this brilliant artist ran like a red thread through the key works of the exhibition. In addition, the painting is in the collection of the Russian Museum, which is a partner of the Prize.

The Atelier performance dance school also supported the award by preparing bewitching, plastic improvisations for the guests, which emphasized the conceptual idea of ​​the project space.

The Art.Coordinate Foundation team is grateful and glad to each guest of the exhibition and warm words left online, in the guest book or personally to the staff and organizers of the project. Among the visitors of the exhibition and the parallel program, there were a variety of categories, which means that the project has found a response in the heart of everyone and will develop with new forces and opportunities!