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teen art awards
Works of the winners of the second season of the award
Title: The Resurgence of Bloom
29.7 x 42 cm
Material: Poster Color, A3 Paper, Brushes, and Pencils
Brief Description:
A world where flowers are out grown and large in size with how technology is used has evolved. All vibrate colors of the flowers and blues that run the cities go in a harmonious flow. A god embarked on a quest to revive Earth's dwindling ecosystems. Through ancient rituals and mystical energy, the god nurtured the land, fostering a resurgence of vibrant blossoms. In this captivating tale, the world witnessed a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature. People embraced eco-conscious lifestyles, tending to lush gardens and protecting endangered species. As flowers bloomed abundantly, their petals whispered stories of renewal and hope. The air was filled with the sweet scent of orchids, roses, and lavender, and so on. A testament to the planet's revived vitality. The once desolate landscapes now flourish, teeming with diverse life forms. This divine intervention served as a reminder of the delicate balance between humanity and the natural world, illuminating the path towards a sustainable future where every blossom symbolized the resilience of life.
1ST PAINTING, Ruslana Slivina, Georgia
60 x 90 cm
Material: acrylic on canvas, mixed media (collage elements)
Brief Description:
Art, being a system-forming part of culture that influences the consciousness of a person and society all together, is truly capable of changing the world. I believe that a sustainable world can be achieved and built through the common efforts and efforts of each individual.

My work combines two giants: verbal and visual, Word and Image. From my perspective, image and text, being in inextricable contact and reinforcing each other, can do more than these two mediums separately.

A sustainable world begins with us, each one of us.
2ND PAINTING, Kristina Ontensone,
Title: Purification
40 x 60 cm
Material: Oil, colored pencils
Brief Description:
I see our future world as a new stage in the connection between man and nature. Nature has been and will be our great mother, and who better to help us than her. I'm talking about spiritual help. After all, nature is able to cleanse our soul, pull out everything nasty that we have experienced and are worried about, like purifying our air that we breathe.
3RD PAINTING, Alexandra
Chernousova, Russia

Title: —
37 x 55 cm
Material: Gouache
Brief Description:
The work presents an image of the universe. The interaction of our world with other worlds. The planet itself is represented as a colored chintz patchwork quilt. Decorative spots are the image of people. Colorful, clean, transparent.
3RD PAINTING, Evelina Vlasova,

Title: —
42 x 59.4 cm
Material: Gouache
Brief Description:
Megacities are centers of economic development, but also have a significant impact on nature and the environment. In my work I showed the development of the future world, the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies, the development of transportation and new technologies - all this can help to reduce the negative impact of megacities on the environment and improve the quality of life in cities. One way to improve the quality of life in megacities is to create green spaces and parks. Green areas and parks not only contribute to air purification, but also create a pleasant atmosphere for rest and relaxation. It is important to develop and maintain green areas and parks in megacities so that residents have the opportunity to enjoy nature and spend time in the fresh air. Only by working together can we create more sustainable and environmentally friendly megacities for future generations.
1ST DRAWING, Cathrine Nagel,
South Africa

Title: —
70 x 100 cm
Material: derwent procolour, inktense, watercolour, lyra aqua brush duo kokis

Brief Description:
It’s what i see Dubai evolving into in the future.The role of technology that will play in our lives, how it will become apart of us.Harnessing the power to the benefit of human kind… with caution.Spearheading human kinds path into the future will be Dubai’s privilege.
2ND DRAWING, Ayan Mehra,

Title: Nature, Science & Sapiens
29.7 x 42 cm
Material: graphite on paper
Brief Description:
Often people believe that there exists a dichotomy between ecological conservation and scientific progress. In today’s world, this may seem to be the case with plantations encroaching into wild habitats and illegal logging deforesting the world. However, the only viable future for conservation is one where these two goals are not mutually exclusive. This artwork depicts a future where technology is used to re-wild concrete jungles, with vertical greenery solutions and trees powered by sustainable energy sources, creating homes for wildlife in cities. The city reflects diversity of species (humans and animals) and diversity of humans with peaceful co-existence of different religions dotting the skyscape, especially important in the context of recent political events. While there are miles to go and sometimes bumps along the way, my faith in the ingenuity and fundamental goodness of mankind persists. I believe that the only way forward to a sustainable future is one where science, nature and different human ideologies can peacefully coexist.
2ND DRAWING, Tumar Galymzhankyzy, Kazakhstan

Title: Astana
35 x 50 cm
Material: paper, liners
3RD DRAWING, Kamilla Kireeva,
Title: —
21 x 29.7 cm
Material: dry pastel

Brief Description:
The world of the future, in which I would like to live, seems to me inspiring and joyful. It is a world where everyone has equal opportunities for development and self-realization, where there is no room for discrimination and inequality. It is a world where people cooperate with each other in the pursuit of the common good and the elimination of the problems facing humanity.
I see a future world where technology plays an important role in improving people's quality of life. New inventions and innovations help us solve complex problems, make everyday tasks easier, and improve access to education and health care. Technology is becoming a tool for creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly planet.

In the future world I envision, nature and the environment are of particular importance. We understand the connection between our well-being and the health of the planet, and so we are concerned with preserving its resources and caring for nature. We strive for sustainable development by utilizing renewable energy sources and taking action to combat climate change.

In such a world, everyone has access to quality education and opportunities for self-development. We recognize that education is key to the development of the individual and society as a whole. All children are given equal opportunities to learn and develop their abilities. We emphasize the development of critical thinking, creativity and social skills. We must work together to turn this dream into reality and make our world a better place for all.
3RD DRAWING, Anna Bazhutina, Russia
Title: It’s Cool On Mars
42x 15, 29.7 cm
Material: paper, watercolor, black and white liner, black marker

Brief Description:
When humans arrived on Mars, they began to plant new plants. With the water they brought with them, the plants were able to adapt to life on Mars. They grew very tall because of the low gravity, began to produce moisture, and formed an atmosphere. It was now possible to live on Mars and not only on the surface, but also on trees.
1ST DIGITAL ART, Anna Vladimirova, Russia
Title: —
4000 x 1568 px
2ND DIGITAL ART, Maria Kim, Russia
Title: —
4320 x 3055 px
2ND DIGITAL ART, Andrey Maslov, Russia
Title: Balance
2480 x 3508 px

Brief Description: "Balance" intricately weaves the essence of Ubuntu and Yin-Yang, portraying a
harmonious dance between humanity, nature, and technology. The canvas captures
the delicate equilibrium where each element thrives without encroaching on the other,
fostering a symbiotic relationship that embodies the interconnected spirit of
coexistence and sustains a vibrant equipoise f life in the future.